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29 July 2008 @ 09:35 pm
a thank you and a request  
- Thanks for the awesome icons everyone! This new one is a perfect fit for my journal, and for me in particular.

- I would love to see a set of President Monson icons. Especially if one could grab a scan of the picture of the Presidency on the front of that recent Ensign (as long as such a thing is allowed of course)... something about "modern revelation", maybe? or something about their humanity + the power of God, etc.

I would LOVE to contribute but have to get over a few hurdles, namely:
- pitiful Net connection (using work's, at the moment);
- lack of graphics program (I have one, but gotta get acquainted with it, plus it's freeware and therefore limited);
- TIME!!! lacking in that especially.

I'm a photographer as well so thinking about hitting up the Alberta temples for some pictures as well as some nature-y stuff I can tie in. It would be incredibly gratifying to have my stuff up for the public to see :)

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