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Icons to inspire mormons

the spirit comes in many forms

pictorial inspiration
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This community is for the posting of all LDS or Christian inspired icons only. Any icons posted that are not "christian faith" related will be asked to be removed. No anti-lds and anti-christian icons please. (If you don't remove non topic icons or posts, the entry will be deleted with or without warning. By joining the community and posting here, you agree to follow this one stipulation.) There are TONS of communities for other category icons.

For a more complete explanation of the community standards and guidelines:

Requests for "faith" inspired icons are also permited, however, since everyone I'm sure is busy don't be offended if your requests go unanswered. Also, I'm looking for a few more icon makers who would like to post icons to this community, possibly even be a mod here too? Post HERE if you are interested.

This community is moderated by invitingspirit. Any issues with the community should be taken to the moderator's journal ONLY and not posted in the community. (If you do post complaints and such in the community, they will be deleted.)

For a great read on commenting, crediting, and saving icons made by other people, click here for a really great post on these issues...